Canadian cannabis employees targeted by U.S. border guards for life time restrictions

As stress in between Canada and the United States have actually increased in current months, a quieter, slower-burning dispute has actually been establishing along the border: Canadians connected with the cannabis market– even if they have actually never ever used the drug– can be prohibited for life from America. In spite of Washington State legislating cannabis within state borders, the border is under federal jurisdiction. And since cannabis, together with drugs such as heroin and cocaine, is a Schedule I substance, previous or present association with the drug is considered a federal criminal activity in the United States

In addition to those who have actually used marijuana, Canadians who are included with the cannabis economy have actually been identified “inadmissible” because they are considered to be living off the earnings of the drug trade. Once prohibited for life, they need to look for legal waivers from a migration lawyer– helpful for in between one and 5 years– for the rest of their lives when they want to cross the border. 

A Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs press officer for the United States State Department informed The Star through e-mail that “admission requirements into the United States will not change due to Canada’s legalization of cannabis.”Blaine, Wash.-based migration lawyer Len Saunders stated he speaks with Canadians looking for waivers for inadmissibility because of cannabis at least one or two times a week– up from a couple of cases annually 15 years back. Because: “How are you making money?” Saunders asked. “You’re earning money by your Canadian company which is earning money through marijuana.”